Machinists Say Boeing Everett Layoffs Not Start of Boeing “Down Cycle”

March 22, 2013

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Boeing 787 rolls out of paint hanger

Hundreds of workers who fixed the first 90 787s may soon be out of a job.

Machinists Union leaders today informed their members that Boeing would be laying off workers on the 747 and 787 programs. It’s thought most of the layoffs would occur at the 787 modification center at the south end of Paine Field. That’s where most of the work has been occurring on the first 90 or so 787s that had major assembly issues. The majority of workers at the modification center are relatively new and not yet making really high wages. Here’s the statement posted on the Union website…

Boeing informed us today of a reduction in employment levels for 2013, which is due mainly to less disruption on the 787 line and the winding down of the change incorp and refurb work packages for 747 associated with developmental efforts.

Boeing is trying to mitigate the impact and find other jobs, but ultimately it will results in some layoffs. They estimate about 800 layoffs will occur, but again that is just an estimate.

This is not the start of a Boeing down cycle. Unlike past layoffs, there are no production rate decreases on any airplane line. Production rates remain high and there is a seven-year backlog.

If you have any questions, please contact your union steward.

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Our news partner, The Seattle Times, has more details here along with statements from Boeing and Union officials. Currently Boeing employs more than 40,000 people at its Everett operations including machinists, engineers and technical staff, support services and office workers.

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