Woman Found Murdered in South Everett behind La Palmera Restaurant

September 29, 2012

Everett, Police Blotter

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies have confirmed that the body found behind the La Palmera Restaurant in South Everett is that of a woman and they are treating it as a homicide. Here’s what SCSO Sheriff’s Lt. Rob Parker had to say…

Palmer later added in a written press release: “While the Investigation is still in its earliest stages, we do not have concerns that there is any continuing danger to the public at this time”.

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15 Responses to “Woman Found Murdered in South Everett behind La Palmera Restaurant”

  1. cynde Says:

    I just heard bout her/your death she was a good girl and to everybody disrespectin her SHUT UP. She was a great girl for the 10 yrs I have known her. She didn’t EVER snitch me off and I know she had my back NO MATTER. So people just SHUT UP AND LEARN TO HAVE RESPECT FOR THE DEAD. Love u Julia ill miss you forever and always

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Son is ghost whisperer problem is he is only 4 yrs old dont know if even relevant he states women taken from our new apt located on center road by 3 to 8 men and beaten and she died states they were green. I ask like military he said yes.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Every day that goes by, you are missed. Justice will be served in this lifetime or the next, but I will NEVER stop looking for the person that took your life. As long as I am breathing, I will search the ends of the world. Promise!!!!

    • I Care Says:

      I would like to know if there has been any updates…we are raising her Beautiful Boy…Yes she was A Mom..they had NO RIGHT TO TAKE HER LIFE…doesn’t matter what kind of Life she was leading…just a SHAME..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    we love you my friend my sister.you will alwaus be in our hearts . my sympathy to the family. For thouse that have some hurtful words thet dont know my julia you should keep your opinuons to your self if they are not going to be nice because you didnt know her or yhe things her and her family have gone through so you can not judge her for the things she has done she was a wonderful person and did not deserve to die so have some respect for the family and julia

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Does any one really know what happened or how she died?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    love you julia 🙁 i miss u every day and i know ill seee you again soon

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That women was a person!!! a human , a someone’s daughter and mother ! Heartless person !!! If you don’t have anything nice or meaningful keep it to yourself jerk above!! Noone cares what you like !!!!

    • DHSretiredvet Says:

      I agree this isn’t the place to comment on prostitutes…That poor girl might of had a past but she also had a future that was taken from her. Maybe a little compassion for Julia and her family and friends that are reading this!?! The sick bastard that murdered a 24 year old woman thats the problem. Maybe before you start touching your keyboard pretend that this is your family member and you see someone blaming prostitutes for a selfish act of murder.. that might help censor your ignorance. I give my sympathies to your family Julia and may your spirit rest at peace….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    juelz we love u baby girl.. u r our gem forever! rip spread ur wings and fly baby fly far away!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Rest in Paradise Julia


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