Everett Group Supporting Commercial Flights at Everett’s Paine Field Asks FAA Where’s The Report?

May 23, 2012

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Paine Field

The battle over commercial passenger service may be heating up.

After a silence of nearly 3 years, Fly Paine Field has launched a publicity campaign to get the FAA to release its environmental review regarding commercial airline service at Everett’s Paine Field. Here’s part of what the group released yesterday…

Citizens’ Right To Fly From Paine Field wants to know why it has taken so long for the FAA to issue a determination on the Paine Field Environmental Assessment.  Over two years have elapsed since the public comment period closed with no date from the FAA as to when the Environmental Assessment determination will be issued.  “All this taxpayer money has been spent, and nobody has been allowed to see the result,” said spokesperson and Citizens’ Co-Chair, Todd Brunner.

The group is urging people to contact the FAA and demand the report be released by this July. A group opposing commercial service at Paine Field known as Save Our Communities has turned its efforts to making the case for Paine Field as an Aerospace Center and away from commercial service.

Back in 2008, both Allegiant Air and Horizon Airlines expressed interest in starting commercial service at Paine Field. In order for that to happen, a new terminal would have to be built along with other improvements. The FAA’s report would provide a better understanding of just what the costs would be to bring commercial passenger service to Everett.

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