Everett Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Loose Pit Bull – EPD Investigating

August 17, 2011

Everett, Police Blotter

Police and Everett Animal Control are investigating what happened this morning on Lower Ridge Road

The Everett Police Department and Animal Control Officers are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting and killing of a Pit Bull this morning in the 7100 Block of Lower Ridge Road in South Central Everett. According to Everett Police Sgt. Ryan Dalberg, Everett Animal control officers received a call at their business offices at 9:08am of a Pit Bull loose in the 7000 – 7100 block of Lower Ridge Road. At 9:53am, Sno-Pac 9-1-1 operators received a call from a man who said he shot and killed his neighbors Pit Bull. Dalberg tells me from what they know so far, the daughter of the man who shot the dog, went out to get into her car to go to work when a neighbor’s Pit Bull charged down the driveway at her. She ran into her house and told her father. They both stayed inside the house for a time and when they didn’t see the dog anymore, Dad got a pistol and walked his daughter out to her car. As they were walking to the car the Pit Bull allegedly charged at them. The daughter went back into the house while the man retreated backwards. The man reportedly told officers that when he couldn’t back up anymore, he shot the advancing dog. He then called 9-1-1 and waited for the police. Sgt. Dalberg says police don’t anticipate any arrests today but will conduct an investigation into why the Pit Bull was loose as well as the actions taken by the man who shot and killed the Pit Bull. They will then forward that to the Prosecutor’s office.

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10 Responses to “Everett Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Loose Pit Bull – EPD Investigating”

  1. John Says:

    I live in this same neighborhood and walk my dogs past the area where this happened and I have read that this dogs name was happy. Was this dog a black and yellowish color?

  2. John Says:


    The city of Everett, Washington classifies Pitbulls as a potenially dangerous dog from birth, illregardless if it does or doesn’t have a history of aggressive behavior.


  3. nieghbor kate Says:

    i acually new that pitbull he was the most nicest pitbull i have ever met in my entire life. I heard the noise but i did not whitness it when it happend.that man had no right to bring out a gun. That dog was in a family that had little kids and did no harm.The dog did not attack them it was only one shot so if he was really attacking them then he would have to do multiple shots to kill it.That dog would never do something that mean he had no mean bones in him.Thats why they named him happy. I hope that man knew that what he did was wrong and i hope this world will remember how sweet,happy,and gentle that dog was around everyone. We lost one of the worlds best dogs.

  4. AMY Says:

    For SofaKing your “name” explains all your ignorance!!!! Dogs are smart and they dont like UGLY ppl so take as it is… Pit Bulls are not the problem ignorant ppl are the problem and always will be… Ya Im real sure the man and daughter were scared right of course they will say that to make themselves feel better about the situation I bet my life it didnt happen the way the man said it did….PPL need to get a life and take responsibility for their actions and quite blaming innocent animal for your ignorance!!!!

    • AMY Says:

      Again who tagged “Pitt Bulls” as aggressive breeds? Little dogs are very aggressive if you look at the facts and not size!!!!!!

      • Anonymous Says:

        thx so much for telling these people that not ALL pitbulls are mean and
        you are right little dogs can be agressive thank you!!!

  5. SofaKing Says:

    I know everyone says…it’s the owner and not the breed… I call BS on that. The breed is unpredicatable and should out right be banned, or require some sort of bond or special license. I love dogs and am a dog owner. I however have sympathy for this dog or its owner. May as well keep a grizzly as a pet. I have been charged and cornered by a stray Pit Bull…had to hop over a porch rail back and forth to escape it. I was able to get all the neighborhood kids into their homes…but it went after me as I tryed to get it out of my yard…simply saying “get”… Kill em all as far as I am concerned.

  6. lordoflys Says:

    If the neighbor was using his pit bull as a weapon the man with the gun
    had a right to shoot him as well.

  7. Liger-Tron Says:

    I love dogs – BUT I’m really tired of people not taking responsibility for their pets, especially dogs known for being aggressive, like pit bulls.

    The owner of this pit bull should be charged for not securing a dangerous animal and the neighbor had every right to shoot the dog in order to protect his family.

  8. Nick Says:

    IF (and that’s a big if) the events unfolded as told in the story, I’ve got no problem with the man’s actions. You have a right to defend yourself and your property. Even if this dog had no intention of harming the man & daughter, they do not know that…& I wouldn’t wait to find out. We all don’t have to be experts on dog behavior because your dog got loose.