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City of Everett’s New Logo On Indefinite Hold

May 27, 2015


It was one of those things that sounded simple in the beginning but turned out to be much more complicated. Since last August MyEverettNews.com has been following the City of Everett’s attempt to come up with a new logo. It began with a logo contest that offered a $5000.00 first prize. Logo ideas were received […]

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City of Everett’s New Logo Still Not Ready For Prime Time

March 20, 2015


We’ve been following the creation of a new logo for the City of Everett ever since the city announced a contest last August where it was offering a $5000.00 prize for the best publicly submitted logo. More than 800 designs were submitted from around the world. On December 3rd, the city announced the new logo […]

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Here’s The New Logo For The City Of Everett, Washington

December 3, 2014


City of Everett Communication Director Meghan Pembroke and Cultural Arts Manager Carol Thomas tonight revealed to the Everett City Council the city’s new logo. Here were some of the terms used to describe the new logo during their presentation… Creative, artistic but businesslike, not a tourism logo but designed to represent Everett as a municipal […]

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