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Everett Council Hears Low Barrier Housing Plans

September 28, 2016


Today the Everett City Council heard the latest on the low barrier housing plans moving forward in central Everett. On Tuesday October 4th, the public is invited to a two hour presentation on the plan. That happens at Evergreen Middle School starting at 6:30 PM. The meeting will include presentations by Catholic Housing Services, Catholic […]

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Everett Starting Public Outreach On 1st Low Barrier Housing Project

September 26, 2016


On Wednesday the City of Everett Administration and Catholic Housing Services will brief the Everett City Council on plans for the city’s 1st low barrier housing project in central Everett. That meeting is open to the public and will also be carried live on the Everett TV cable channels and the internet. The meeting begins […]

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Neighbor Responds To Everett Low Barrier Housing Plan

August 26, 2016


On Thursday we reported on the city responding to neighborhood concerns over low barrier housing. Specifically the project under consideration near Pecks and Evergreen Way next to the fire training facility on Berkshire. Tonight we received a copy of a letter sent to Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson and members of the Everett City Council by […]

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Everett Responds as Neighborhoods Question Low Barrier Housing

August 25, 2016


Attended the View Ridge-Madison neighborhood meeting last night. The speaker was Hil Kaman, Everett’s newly appointed director of Public Health and Safety. Kaman talked about the city’s Safe Streets Plan and addressed questions regarding the first low barrier housing complex currently proposed to be built near Pecks and Evergreen Way in central Everett between the […]

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Everett Mayor Sorry Over Low Barrier Housing Communication

May 25, 2016


During today’s Everett City Council meeting Mayor Ray Stephanson issued an apology for how the city has handled low barrier housing communication. “I apologize…we got over our skis,” said Stephanson. “We didn’t communicate like we wanted and we’ll make it up.” The city is working on the first of what the Mayor says he hopes […]

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Everett’s Chronic Nuisance Law Not Applicable To Low Barrier Housing

May 24, 2016


On Sunday MyEverettNews.com wrote about Everett’s chronic nuisance law and potential changes to the zoning code in order to move ahead with building the city’s first low barrier housing facility in the area of Pecks Drive and Evergreen Way. Today MyEverettNews.com received the following email from Everett Communication Director Meghan Pembroke… “I wanted to provide […]

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Everett Begins Zoning Changes For Low Barrier Housing

May 22, 2016


This Wednesday the Everett City Council will get a look at the first of several zoning changes that will allow low barrier housing. The first of the changes will provide that low barrier housing will be permitted only on land owned by a public agency or that the public agency has transferred to another entity […]

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Everett Explains Low Barrier Housing

May 20, 2016


On May 11th the Everett City Council approved a request for proposals for an organization to build and operate low barrier housing at a site selected near Pecks and Evergreen Way. The City has promised there will be lots of outreach and public involvement on the low barrier housing campaign. As far as local neighborhood […]

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1st Low Barrier Housing Site in Everett at Pecks and Evergreen

May 10, 2016


Today the City of Everett announced its top choice for the city’s first low barrier housing site. It’s would be east of Evergreen Way near Pecks Drive. Here’s the announcement just sent to MyEverettNews.com… The City of Everett announced this week that they have identified a potential property that could be the home of a […]

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Everett To Accelerate Housing First Plans

November 16, 2015


In September, the City of Everett announced plans to have 20 units of low-barrier housing for those experiencing chronic homelessness ready to use over the next two years. Tonight, after hearing Lloyd Pendleton speak on how Utah addressed its efforts to battle chronic homelessness, Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson pledged to have those 20 units up […]

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