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Is 2036 For Light Rail to Everett Good Enough?

May 26, 2016


Today Sound Transit revealed that they can bring light rail to Everett five years sooner than first proposed. Now they say it can be running between 128th street and Everett station in 2036 instead of 2041. The line will have a spur running west to the Paine Field area but instead of running down Evergreen […]

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Light Rail To Everett Group Formed

April 21, 2016


With a Sound Transit meeting set for Monday to hear from people in the Everett area about ST3, a group called Light Rail To Everett has formed to shorten the proposed timeline. Under the current proposal Light Rail is not scheduled to come to Everett until 2041. Light Rail To Everett says they have a […]

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Will You Be Dead Before Light Rail Comes to Everett?

March 24, 2016


Sound Transit Puts Ballard Before Everett For Light Rail. Today Sound Transit released its list of preferred projects for Sound Transit 3. A proposal they hope to take to voters later this fall. The price tag…Fifty billion dollars. That would cost every adult in the Regional Transportation Area $17.00 a month which works out to […]

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