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New MyEverettNews.com Readers Welcome To Become Supporters

August 22, 2016


Editor’s Update Tuesday Aug. 23rd 9:15 AM: Thank you to the 10 new supporters who contributed yesterday. Just 24 more supporters to reach our goal of 100 this month. From cars into buildings to heroic work of local firefighters we’re excited to bring you photos you won’t find anywhere else. Thank you and please keep […]

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Third Of The Way To Summer Supporters Goal

August 18, 2016


Editor’s Update Friday August 19th 8:00 AM: Well we took a dip in subscriptions yesterday with just six people sending in a voluntary subscription. We’re still less than 50% of our goal of 100 subscribers by the end of the month. If you like what we’re doing, please help with a minimum pledge of 3 […]

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Last Shout Out For May Donations

May 31, 2016

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I know you probably get tired of seeing us shout out for donations from our readers but it is one of the ways we keep doing what we do. Since May 23rd when we asked for those who haven’t donated in the past year to chip in 3 cents a day or $10 a year […]

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