Teenage Girl Shot at Alderwood Mall

The Lynnwood Police Department confirmed an altercation between two groups of teenagers resulted in one teenager pulling and firing a gun inside the Alderwood mall.

The altercation took place in the food court area of the Alderwood mall. All parties fled on foot and escaped the scene.

13-year old Jayda Woods-Johnson was tragically murdered today at the Alderwood Mall

An uninvolved teenaged female was hit by the errant round and died. The victim has been identified as Jayda Woods-Johnson.

The suspected shooter has been identified as a 16-year old male from Edmonds.

He was brought into a police station by his mother and turned himself in.  He is now in police custody and will be booked into jail for Murder.

The gun has not yet been recovered.  Detectives are continuing to follow all leads and collect all available evidence.

The mall is no longer under lockdown and there is no ongoing threat there.

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