Three Suspects Arrested in Everett After Teen Murder in Seattle

June 27, 2024

Police Blotter

Seattle Police Officer talking to Fox News

Three suspects in a young teen’s murder in Seattle tonight were arrested near the Madison Ave Pub in Everett after a pursuit.

It all started with a 911 call of a shooting at the 7400 block of Rockery Dr S, near Central Park in Seattle. Police found a male in teens (one report said he was 14) who suffered from a gunshot wound on the sidewalk. The victim was unresponsive when he went to Harborview Medical Center and did not survive.

Witnesses reported a vehicle that left the scene. The vehicle was tracked to Everett where three individuals were detained near the Madison Ave Pub in Everett.

A reader tipped us off:

“At least 20 Everett PD and sheriff cars just ran up 37th, probably going at least 70 mph from Broadway toward Colby. Saw one officer cutting south on Wetmore as well.”

The Snohomish County sheriff stated: “Pursuit ended in a PIT maneuver in north Everett at Madison and Cady Rd. One suspect was detained immediately and two fled on foot and were captured shortly after. Three now in custody.”

This is still a developing story. More info will be added.

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