Protests Cause Cancellation of Rep Larsen’s Everett Campaign Kickoff

LarsenFive hours before Representative Rick Larsen’s Snohomish County Kickoff at the Scuttlebutt Brewing Taproom, his Communication Director sent notice to media that they decided to cancel the event.

Rep. Larsen writes:
In the last week, pro-Palestine demonstrators have disrupted community events I held throughout the district. I expect the same to occur tonight in Everett. My campaign staff is capable and dedicated to the values we all share, however, they are not trained or equipped to conduct security at these events.”

He adds, “The demonstrators and their tactics have not changed my position on Hamas’ unjustified attack on innocent Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023. I support President Biden’s calls for a cease-fire and his cease-fire plan, which is supported by a unanimous vote of the UN Security Council. I continue to call for Hamas to release all the remaining hostages. I continue to deplore the deaths of innocent Palestinians. And, I continue to support Israel’s right to exist and be secure in the region.”

Jason Call (right) arrested in a peaceful protest along with Jill Stein.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, one of his opponents in the upcoming election, Jason Call, who is also the campaign manager for Jill Stein, was arrested in St, Louis alongside a hundreds of students at Washington University, who were protesting for their school to divest from Boeing.

Jason Call, who was not part of any of the Larsen protests, but has always been critical of him, points out “In 2022, AIPAC was Larsen’s biggest donor, and they have continued their contributions to his campaign throughout their illegal war to fully ethnically cleanse Gaza of Palestinians, who have been subjected to the most horrific of human rights abuses in Israel for decades. Rick’s historically biggest contributor over his career has been Boeing, whose munitions have been found to be used in the ongoing genocide.”

Larsen believes “The demonstrators have unfairly targeted my staff on social media and in-person at these events with verbal abuse that makes them feel threatened. It does not seem fair to subject them to another night of it.”

Larsen has raised $24,500 so far, exceeding his goal for Kickoff Week in his campaign for re-election as Washington’s 2nd Congressional District Representative.

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