Everett Police Activity on Display During On Patrol Live Episodes

June 17, 2024

Police Blotter

Everett Police Officer T. Halbert making a stop.

The two episodes of On Patrol: Live aired this past weekend, featuring the Everett Police Department. The hosts were surprised about a couple pieces of technology deployed.

The first situation featured Officer Jenny Fuentes looking for a person described as a “suspicious zombie-looking guy with a bright pink backpack on” who was flipping people off. That didn’t really lead anywhere.

Officer T. Halbert pulled over a homeless lady with an expired license who had been living in an x-boyfriend’s friend’s car with altered temporary tags by changing 6-11 to 6-14.

Everett Officer Jenny Fuentes finishes a foot-chase.

Then probably the most exciting of the Everett footage was a foot chase of a trespassing non-compliant homeless person featuring Officer Jenny Fuentes.

She deployed “BolaWrap” which is a kevlar line that is meant to wrap around a person’s legs to stop a foot-chase. Unfortunately, it hit the suspect’s jacket instead of his legs. He escaped into the woods, riddled with garbage and blackberry bushes, but was tracked down and arrested. Like in many of the chases featured on the show, he ran because he had a warrant on his name.

Sergeant David Sinex apprehends a burglary suspect.

An advanced GPS tracker helped Sergeant David Sinex follow and arrest a burglar suspect with a dog in his car.

The last piece featured Officer Tess Sutton responding to false alarm call.


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