Long Condemned Nuisance Property Cleared And Boarded Up By City Of Everett, Washington


Everett Police, City Code Enforcement and a fleet of tow trucks showed up early Tuesday morning.

code enforcement

Everett Police and Code Enforcement have been dealing with complaints about the property for years.


The condemned signs were posted on the property back in November.

Everett Police say nine people, eleven vehicles and sixteen tons of trash were removed from a property today that had been condemned back in November of last year.


After calling multiple people out of the house using a P.A. system officers prepare to enter to make sure everyone has left.


People were found hiding in cars and in the garage on the property.


People walked or drove off the property.


The front door was blocked so officers entered a side door to make sure everyone had left so the cleanup could start.

There was trash visible all around the property.

code compliance

Code Compliance was at the property throughout the cleanup.

A view from the garage area.


A view of the front and side.


A worker loads up a backhoe following the cleanup.

In spite of the condemnation and disconnection of utilities people continued to come and go from the property and live in the main house and garage and sleep in vehicles parked all around the lot.

The property is located at the northeast corner of Jackson and Wetmore has been the scene of multiple calls to Everett Police over the past four years.

According to neighbors who spoke to MyEverettNews.com this morning the property had become a magnet for problems in the Pinehurst neighborhood in central Everett, Washington.

This morning shortly before 7:00 AM Everett Police and employees with the City’s Code Enforcement Division secured the property and then a private contractor hired by the City cleaned the property. Dick’s Towing of Everett also assisted EPD in the cleanup by hauling away vehicles.

The last workers cleared out around 3:30 PM hooking up a small backhoe used to help clear the property.

Neighbors told MyEverettNews.com they were thrilled with the clean up and plan to work together to report any trespassers to EPD to the boarded up structures that remain.

Here are some photos of the activity today. Click photo to enlarge.

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