Over 100 Staff Cuts Coming As Mukilteo Schools Address Big Budget Shortfall

April 18, 2023

Everett Schools


These are the only Mukilteo Schools closed today.

An announcement on multiple job cuts for the 2023-2024 school year was issued by the Mukilteo School District Monday night. Here’s the release.

After hearing a presentation that incorporated input from students, staff, families and community members and a recommendation of how to reduce next year’s budget, the Mukilteo School Board approved a Reduced Educational Plan to address the district’s projected $23.5 million shortfall.

The resulting budget reductions impact nearly every part of the district. “From administration to department support to school support, the cuts will be felt districtwide,” shared Superintendent Alison Brynelson. “We prioritized students’ academic and enrichment experiences as well as their social-emotional well-being wherever possible.”

In addition to eliminating over $7.5 million in non-employee costs such as operating supplies and equipment, survey programs, and curriculum, the plan also eliminates the following staff positions:

  • 31.3 Basic education classroom teachers and paraprofessionals ($4.4 million)
  • 24.7 School support paraprofessionals and support teachers ($3.4 million)
  • 55.5 District office and support services staff including administrators, office professionals, and maintenance, and Virtual Academy staff, ($8.1 million)

The district is hopeful to add some positions back, but the decision to do so will be based on student enrollment in the fall.

Brynelson added, “This is a very difficult situation, and we made some heart-wrenching decisions that had to be made for the organization to continue operating. We are very aware that each position has a face, name and livelihood attached to it and we feel the impact of each staff and their family affected by these budget reductions.”

School Board President Judy Schwab shared, “Just once before, during my service on the board, the district went through a similar time of significant budget cuts. The fact that we were able to work through those difficult decisions back then doesn’t make tonight’s decision any less painful or less frustrating. From that experience, though, I know we can rise above these challenging times in the long run. We want our community to know their board and the district will continue to focus on our mission of success for every student and to advocate with legislators for full funding to accomplish that essential goal.”

Further budget related information is available on the district’s Business Services website.


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