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Angela Freese left the corporate world to pursue her dream of owning her own business.

Pisces Pies

Pisces Pies is located at 1502 Rucker Avenue in the Northwest Neighborhood of Everett, Washington.

Angela Freese grew up on a farm where her mother and grandmother made pies. Lots of pies, hand made with real butter, fresh fruit and a thick crust. Angela Freese learned to make those pies.

In her late teens Angela began working in a mill, next in a furniture manufacturing plant during the day while attending college at night. She studied global business and international marketing, taught graphic design, worked as an advertising sales consultant, web analyst, director of North America Marketing for Fluke, marketing executive for a worldwide automotive semiconductor manufacturer and on advertising campaigns for Microsoft.

You know what Angela Freese is doing today? Making lots of pies, hand-rolling dough with real butter for a thick crust and buying the freshest fruits she can find directly from Northwest farmers. Last week she opened Pisces Pies at 1502 Rucker Avenue in Everett, Washington.

“I always wanted to own my own business,” Angela told me when we talked this week. “I love working with my hands, this is art for me.”

Angela started at home, baking small pies and designing her logo, website and marketing materials while selling online. “I would meet people at grocery store parking lots to deliver their orders,” she said with a laugh.

Next she found a commercial kitchen in Marysville where she would bake pies in the evening. She started selling at a Farmers market and sold out in the first hour. Knowing she still had four hours to go and couldn’t leave the market, she began taking orders.

Fast forward a bit and now she had three Farmers Markets and a wholesale license. Still she wanted her own location where people could come to her. She found it in a historic building in Northwest Everett.

“I did the numbers down to the cost of a teaspoon of salt,” she said. “I put everything I have into this.”

One thing Angela quickly found out is that old buildings need work, a lot of work especially if you’re serving food. “It took seven months to get the building ready and go through the permitting process with both the City of Everett and the Health Department as well as the Department of Agriculture, there was so much to learn.”

Angela persevered and the grand opening of Pisces Pies on March 14th (Pi Day) was a huge success. “When someone says I haven’t had a pie like this in years, that is the best part,” Angela said.

Angela told me they are just getting started and plan to add breakfast items and lunch items to the menu. Currently their hours are Tuesday through Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM. They’re closed on Mondays for baking day.

I asked what pie was the favorite and Angela told me Banana Cream is currently the most requested. Pisces Pies menu lists more than a dozen varieties of fruit pie, three cream pies and eight specialty pies. You can also “build a pie” on their website. They offer several crusts including their original All-Butter Crust, along with Graham Cracker Crust, and Vegan crusts. Thin crusts are available as well as Gluten-Free (for an additional charge). They also offer Sugar-Free fruit fillings using Swerve and/or Agave for the sweeteners.

Angela told me she’s extremely proud of the work that she and her staff put in every day to make sure their products are top-quality. “Our pies are hand rolled with fresh ingredients,” she said. “Growing up in Yakima I saw how important local farmers are and they need our support, plus fresh ingredients make a better tasting pie!”

Pisces Pies is located at 1502 Rucker in north Everett. Here’s a link to their website and the phone number for questions or orders is (425) 374-7342. You’ll also find them here on Facebook with the most up-to-date information on what just popped out of the oven. (Oh and they also have a full coffee bar)

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