Everett, Washington To Consider Stricter Gun Laws To Align With State Codes

February 6, 2023

Everett Government

Attendees at Everett City Council Meetings must now go through a metal detector.

This sign is in the Lobby where the Everett City Council holds their meetings.

Last year the Everett City Council voted to have metal detectors installed at the entrance to their council chambers. They were installed and screening began at the meetings last month.

This week at their meeting Wednesday night members of the City Council will get a briefing on a couple of pieces of legislation that would bring Everett’s Municipal Code in line with Washington State gun laws already on the books regarding open carry in government buildings and a restriction on the ability of those 19 to 20 years old from buying handguns or semi-automatic assault rifles in Everett, Washington. Here’s more from the agenda.

  • Amend EMC chapter 10.78 to limit the knowing open carry of firearms and other weapons while knowingly being in any city building used in connection to a governing body, adopting RCW 9.41.305 by reference.

  • Amend EMC chapter 10.78 to incorporate into the Everett Municipal Code criminal code a prohibition on persons under the age of 21 but over the age of 18 from purchasing or possessing pistols and semi‐automatic assault rifles within the city of Everett, adopting RCW 9.41.240 by reference.

  • The City Council is also being asked to update definitions in EMC 10.78 in order to maintain consistency with new ordinances.
    Here’s a bit more detail from the briefing papers in the agenda for Wednesday night’s council meeting.

    An ORDINANCE Relating to limitations on open carry of weapons at public meetings, and possession or certain firearms for individuals eighteen to twenty-one years of age, AMENDING Chapter 10.78 EMC.


    A. In the 2022 legislative session the Washington State Legislature passed ESHB 1630, now codified at RCW 9.41.305, which went into effect June 9, 2022, and which makes it unlawful and a misdemeanor crime for any person to knowingly open carry a firearm or other weapon, as defined by RCW 9.41.300(1)(b), while knowingly being in any city buildings used in connection with a governing body of the city, or any location of a public meeting or hearing of a city governing body.

    B. Pursuant to ESHB 1630 and RCW 42.30.020 of the Washington Open Public Meetings Act, “governing body” is defined to include Everett City Council and any other City multi-member board, commission, committee, council, or other policy or rule-making body of a public agency, or any committee thereof when the committee acts on behalf of the governing body, conducts hearing, or takes testimony or public comment.

    C. A person violating RCW 9.41.305 is guilty of a misdemeanor for a first violation and a gross misdemeanor for a second and subsequent violations.

    D. Initiative 1639, approved in 2018, imposed age limitations for possession of pistols and semi- automatic assault rifles, codified at RCW 9.41.240, and makes it unlawful for a person under the age of 21 but over the age of 18 to purchase a pistol or semi-automatic assault rifle, nor possess one, with exceptions for possession in the person’s abode, at their fixed place of business, or on real property under his or her control.

    E. A person violating RCW 9.41.240 is guilty of a misdemeanor pursuant to RCW 9.41.810.

    F. The Everett City Council deems it appropriate to adopt the revisions proposed herein to keep the Everett Municipal Code consistent with State Law in relation to enforcement of criminal violations of firearms restrictions.
    Editor’s note: A City Council vote on the proposed changes to the municipal code is currently set for February 22nd.


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