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February 4, 2023

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Jacob Ort makes a smoothie as we chatted Saturday morning.

Nadines is located behind this barber shop at 2908 Wetmore

Look for the small sign on the south side of the building.

The coffee shop is named after Jacob’s grandmother, Nadine Satterlund. You can enter the barber shop through this moving wall.

Mia keeps an eye on the place and loves a good scratch behind the ears.

The interior is light and bright and there’s a standup piano in the corner..

While it can be a bit hard to find, Nadine’s Coffee House in downtown Everett, Washington is worth the effort.

Jacob Ort opened Nadine’s on Friday the 13th in March 2020.

“This place is here for a reason,” Jacob told me as we chatted while he made my order. “A safe place for people to come. We were open when others shut down, definitely God’s timing.”

Jacob said he named the shop after his grandmother, Nadine Satterlund. “She taught me the art of serving others with excellence and care and I want to make sure that legacy lives on.”

Nadine’s is tucked away around the corner at 2908 Wetmore. You’ll see the entrance near a large wooden staircase on the south side of the building that houses a barbershop. It’s in the alley leading to the Bank of America drive up. There’s a small sign above the main entrance.

You can also use an entrance through a sliding wall at the back of the barbershop. Kind’a like a speakeasy but no secret knock required.

Jacob was busy this Saturday morning with people coming in for orders to go or sitting with friends enjoying an easy conversation. There was a mom and her young son. She laughing as he explored items on a coffee table in front of a comfy couch.

The was a group of ladies enjoying lively conversation in the corner, two friends chatting at a table next to a stand-up piano and a man rocking his infant in a stroller as he enjoyed his coffee while reading a book.

Quietly observing it all was Mia, Jacob’s beautiful chocolate lab who greeted new arrivals and curled up for a rest on the floor.

Going into Nadine’s was less like coming into a coffee shop and more like a visit in someone’s family room. There was contemporary Christian music playing in the background and Jacob mentioned his mission was to share the good word of the gospel. “That’s my mission, share the good news.”

Jacob tells me he got into the business after seeing what a buddy had done with a coffee shop in Seattle. He’s the primary employee but says his wife also helps out a couple of days a week.

Nadines serves Colibri Coffee, Teas from Everything Tea and Pastries from Macrina Bakery. They have Espresso Mocktails and offer alternative milks including oat, almond, soy and hemp.

The shop is open Monday – Saturday from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. They are closed on Sundays. You can learn more here on their website.

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