Traffic Impact Update On Northbound I-5 In Everett, Washington

January 21, 2023


4:10 PM Saturday update:

As of a little past 4PM it is heavy NB I-5 at 112th Park and Ride.

On Ramps near the Boeing Freeway have been restricted by WSP

Traffic on northbound I-5 starts to crawl at the 112th Park and Ride and continues slow into Everett all the way to the Snohomish River Bridge as of this check. Ramps have been closed by Washington State Patrol to prevent people from driving the wrong way to avoid the freeway slowdown.

Northbound Broadway begins to be bumper-to-bumper starting about 75th street and Beverly Boulevard also slows heavily at 75th all the way to 41st street.

Motorists using Commercial Avenue into Lowell to avoid the Broadway backup are not finding that any faster.

Sound Transit Seattle Routes such as the 512 are getting off at 526 and going down Evergreen Way to Rucker and Pacific to make it to Everett Station.

Evergreen Way is stop and go from 526 north into downtown Everett.

10:50 AM Saturday:

I-5 northbound at 10:55am

Cars were seen coming off this ramp the wrong way to avoid I-5

This truck was backing up the northbound on-ramp to I-5 at 527.

Traffic is starting to impact surface streets in Everett, Washington as northbound I-5 through the city is down to one lane at 41st street north to the Snohomish River Bridge.

I-5 northbound at this writing is crawling from the Everett Mall north. Some drivers are backing up the on-ramps or going the wrong way to get off the freeway at the 526-527 and I-5 interchange.

Northbound Broadway is solid from Madison to 41st. Colby and Evergreen Way starting to fill as well.

We’ll update here throughout the day.

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