Brenda Stonecipher Announces This Will Be Her Last Year On Everett City Council

January 4, 2023

Everett Government

Mayor Cassie Franklin and the Everett City Council.

At tonight’s City Council meeting in Everett, Washington Brenda Stonecipher, one of two at-large city council members whose position is up before voters in 2023 announced she would not be seeking re-election.

She was first elected to the Everett City Council in 2003 defeating Dale Pope and took office in 2004. She is the longest serving of the seven current city council members. She is currently serving as Everett City Council President and was re-elected to that position for 2023.

Judy Touhy, is the other city council member serving at-large and is also up before voters this fall. She currently serves as council vice-president and was re-elected to that position tonight for 2023.

Paula Rhyne, who serves Everett City Council District 2 was nominated for both President and Vice-President but lost both of those votes.

Liz Vogeli, who is the City Council District 4 councilmember nominated her self for Vice-President but that vote did not get a second. She then withdrew the motion and abruptly left the council chamber after the vote affirming Stonecipher and Touhy in their leadership positions for this year was completed.

You can watch tonight’s Everett City Council meeting here on the City’s YouTube Channel.


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