Snohomish County County Elects Leadership For 2023

January 3, 2023


While tomorrow night the Everett City Council will elect its Council President / Mayor Pro Tempore and Vice President for the year 2023, today the Snohomish County Council selected their leadership for the new year. Here’s a press release out from the County Council this afternoon.

The Snohomish County Council.

This morning, the Snohomish County Council elected its leadership team for 2023. Councilmember Jared Mead, representing District 4 was elected Chair of the Council. Chair Mead served as Vice- Chair in 2022. Councilmember Nate Nehring, representing District 1, was elected Vice-Chair. This is the first time since 2020 and the second time in the past decade that both political parties are represented in Council leadership.

“I am excited to serve in this new leadership role as Chair of the Council. I appreciated the steady leadership Councilmember Dunn provided last year as Chair through some difficult meetings and debates” said Council Chair Jared Mead. “I am also excited to see a bi-partisan leadership team elected again. Council Vice-Chair Nehring and I have a strong working relationship and I look forward to working together for the betterment of all of Snohomish County residents.”

The Council Chair presides over Council proceedings and provides leadership and direction to Council staff and administrative functions. The Council Vice-Chair serves as part of the leadership team and presides over Council proceedings in the absence of the Chair.

“I am honored to be serving in Council leadership again. We have a great track record of bi-partisan success on the County Council and I expect that we will continue that trend” said Council Vice-Chair Nate Nehring. “The collaborative approach this Council has shown in the past has served Snohomish County well. I am eager to team up with Chair Mead this year in Council leadership.”

Council leadership is decided at the first council meeting of the new year, and therefore leadership serves a one-year term. Other councilmembers weighed in on the new year’s leadership team:

“I am happy to be working with a Council that appreciates all voices and respects differences of opinion,” added Councilmember Sam Low. “Bi-partisan leadership and working collaboratively will be a benefit to our residents.”

“It has been an honor to serve as the 2022 Council Chair,” said Councilmember Megan Dunn, who represents Council District 2. “I am proud of the transparency of our budget deliberations and collaboration with the Executive’s Office as we moved through another year with difficult policy decisions and initiatives. As Council Chair Mead and Council Vice Chair Nehring rotate into council leadership positions, I look forward to a continued commitment to these values as we see what 2023 has in store for our county.”

“I have seen Councilmember Mead work closely and collaboratively across the aisle and know he is always willing to listen to constituents in order to achieve positive outcomes. This leadership style will serve us well in Snohomish County,“ added Councilmember Strom Peterson.

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