Freezing Rain Or Snow Expected In Everett, Washington – What’s The Difference?

December 22, 2022


Everett, Washington sits on the edge of a convergence zone that can bring weather to our little corner of the world that is different from what those to the north and south of us may be experiencing at the same time. Between now and late into Friday we’re expected to get snow, then maybe freezing rain and then regular rain.(?)

The National Weather Service has a graphic they have been using on social media that explains this so here it is for those not on social media platforms.

Some differences explained. Click to enlarge.

Freezing rain explained. Click to enlarge.

Here’s what the National Weather Service is warning: Freezing rain creates a dangerous coating of ice on the roads, trees, and power lines. Although some may begin as snow, our primary concern is from freezing rain potential, with widespread impacts tonight through at least midday on Friday December 23rd.
In addition to the explanation from the National Weather Service in Seattle we also wanted to pass along some good information from Snohomish PUD.

Click to visit the PUD website for more resources.

With temperatures remaining in the low 20s and a freezing rainstorm in the forecast for later today, it’s important to be prepared for power outages and have a backup plan if you depend on electricity for life-saving medical equipment or work from home.

Power outages are a possibility during freezing rainstorms. Freezing rain can affect electrical equipment, cause trees and limbs to fall into power poles and lines, and icy roads can result in vehicles sliding into poles. We have crews on standby and ready to respond if outages occur.

To be prepared, make sure you have have a three-day stockpile of emergency food and water on hand, charge up your phone and other devices (and EV if you own one) and have blankets, flashlights and batteries at the ready.

It’s also important to have a backup plan in case of an extended outage, including relatives or friends you can stay with or local hotels. Here’s a list of local cold shelters that are currently open:

• Everett Cold Weather Shelter, 1616 Pacific Ave., Everett
• Everett Family Cold Weather Shelter, 5126 S. 2nd Ave., Everett
• Marysville Cold Weather Shelter, 7215 51st Ave., Marysville
• Snohomish Cold Weather Shelter, 210 Ave. B, Snohomish
• Monroe Cold Weather Shelter, 1012 W. Main St., Monroe
• South County Cold Weather Shelter, call 206-743-9843 for info

Conserve Energy to Save $$$ During Extreme Cold

Cold temperatures often mean high energy usage and high PUD bills because your heating system is working hard. Here are some simple ways to save energy and save money on your bill:

• Shut off lights and other electronics or appliances in rooms you’re not using.
• Practice zonal heating by closing doors to rooms not in use.
• Don your favorite holiday sweater and turn your thermostat down a few degrees.
• Don’t run washing machines or dishwashers until they are full. Also run them early in the morning or late at night.

For more tips on how to conserve energy during extreme cold temperatures, click here.

Finally, be safe. If you don’t have to drive or go out, don’t. Stay home and stay warm. If you do have to brave the roads, take it slow and make sure you have emergency items like food, water and blankets in your vehicle.

Reporting Outages

• By Phone: 425-783-1001
On our Outage Map here
• Through your MySnoPUD account or the new MySnoPUD app

How You Can Be Prepared

• Have an emergency kit, with flashlights, batteries, drinking water, food bars, blankets, first aid supplies, a manual can opener and other essential items.
• Stay informed with the PUD outage map, Facebook and Twitter posts, and our updates to local radio news and TV stations.
• Report outages via our online Outage Center or by phone to 425-783-1001.
• Plan ahead if you have special medical needs. Have a back-up generator or make arrangements with family or friends to get to a location with electricity.


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