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December 10, 2022

Everett, Everett Economy

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Claire Ross works at her booth Saturday during Everett’s Wintertide Festival and Market in downtown Everett.

Claire Ross says Makers Markets have been a great way to introduce her business to new customers in Everett,

Our chocolate chip test cookie. It was fabulous!

“Do what you love, it’s totally worth the risk.” Those are the words of Claire Ross, founder of Velnalita Bakery in Everett, Washington.

She named the business after her great-grandmother Velna Leeta, changing the spelling just a bit.

She says her grandmother Betty is the person who instilled in her the love of baking at an early age.

In 2021, after two decades managing hotels, Claire took maternity leave to have her second child.

That’s when she decided to as she said, “take a leap and do something that makes me happy.”

Claire is a “cottage baker” which means she operates out of her home kitchen here in Everett and can only offer items on her pre approved menu.

We met today at the Wintertide Festival and Market in downtown Everett.

“I try to do a lot of the Maker’s Market events,” Claire said. “It’s a great way to meet people and introduce them to what I bake.”

She has an online presence with a website as well as an Instagram Page.

Items include 10 different types of cookies and a half-dozen versions of croissants. A few examples include:

  • chocolate chip cookie
  • double espresso chocolate cookie
  • miso peanut butter cookie with sesame and chocolate
  • oatmeal cookie with white chocolate and apricot
  • honey roasted almond croissant
  • mexican hot chocolate croissant
  • peanut butter chocolate croissant
    Within her menu she offers custom orders and variations such as mini cookies. She’s been know to deliver from Arlington to Seattle. You can learn more and contact her here on her website.

    I purchased a chocolate chip cookie as a taste test and it was fantastic! If you’re looking for a gift for the Holiday office party or just want to treat your family you may want to give Velnalita Bakery a try.

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