Snow Resources In Everett, Washington

November 29, 2022



Snowflakes are beginning to fall.

Looks like its time to bring out our list of snow information for those who live and work in Everett, Washington.

First thing is a list of important phone numbers to have handy in case you need help or to report an issue.
To keep 911 lines free for emergencies, please use these numbers:
To report an emergency: dial 911
To contact police or fire for a non-emergency: 425-407-3999
To report a power outage to Snohomish PUD: 425-783-1001
To report a road condition in Everett city limits: call the 24-hour Dispatch hotline at 425-257-8821
Other numbers:
Parks inclement weather hotline: 425-257-8399
For Everett Transit routes, contact the Transit customer service phone line: 425-257-7777

Here’s a link to the City of Everett Public Works Service Request form.

Here is the link to the City of Everett Ice and Snow control plan recently update by Everett Public Works for 2022.

How to prepare

When the snow hits or ground temperatures freeze

  • Be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalk if you can. By City code, property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing adjacent sidewalks of snow and ice. Pile up cleared snow where it doesn’t impede travel.
  • View a map of Everett priority snow and ice removal routes to see what streets (within City limits) get plowed and treated by City staff.  Sometimes street plowing causes “snow walls” on sidewalks and driveways that you may need to clear.
  • View Everett’s traffic cameras to look at road conditions at 40 locations across the city.
  • Visit for City inclement weather updates and additional resources.
  • Call Public Works dispatch at 425-257-8821 to report trouble areas on the roads.
  • Increase the distance between you and other cars on the roadway and allow for more time to brake and make turns.
  • Wet snow is very heavy. Be cautious of falling trees and branches and heavy, wet snow accumulations on roofs.
  • As the weather warms back up, clear blocked storm drains of snow and ice to help manage surface water and prevent flooding.

Here is a list of the primary snow plowing routes for 2022


Click map to enlarge.

Primary Plow Routes:
Central Business District
Hewitt Avenue – Highland Ave to Bond St
Pacific – Chestnut to Kromer
Everett Avenue – West Marine View Drive to East Grand
Broadway – City limits to 41st/Also Interchange at Snohomish
33rd Street – Transit Station to Broadway
Maple – Everett to Pacific
HWY 529 Snohomish River Bridges
Riverside Road – All including 8th Street
West Marine View Drive
Colby – 41st to West Marine View Drive
Rucker – 19th Street to 41st Street
Walnut – East Marine View Drive to California St
East Marine View Drive
Smith Island paved roads to WWTP
41st Street – Rucker Ave to Riverfront Blvd
Mukilteo Boulevard – Friday Avenue to South City limits
Glenwood – Beverly Lane to Mukilteo Boulevard
Madison – Beverly Lane to Broadway
Beverly Lane/Dogwood – Mukilteo Blvd to Evergreen Way
Hardeson Road
E and W Casino Road – Beverly Blvd to Airport Road
Seaway Boulevard 526 to 36th Ave and 36th Ave
75th Street – Seaway to Hardeson
80th Street/ 16th Ave – Hardeson Road to 75th
Evergreen Way – 41st to South city limits
Holly Drive – Corbin to Airport Rd
19th Avenue SE – Broadway/Eastmont Interchange to 132nd
112th Street – 19th Avenue SE to Airport Rd(city limits)
Silver Lake Road – 112th St to 19th Ave
100th – 19th Avenue SE to 25th Avenue South
Everett Mall Way – Eastmont Interchange to Evergreen Way
7th Avenue SE – 112th Street to E Casino Road
Broadway – 41st to Eastmont Interchange
52nd Street – Evergreen Way to Lowell Road
Beverly Boulevard/Colby Avenue – 41st to Eastmont
Lowell-Larimer Road/South 2nd/South 3rd
Lenora/ Snohomish River Road to City Limits
Merrill Creek Pkwy
Airport Road
116th Street SE – 19th Ave SE to City limits

Secondary Plow Routes:
Wall Street – Hoyt to Rucker
California – Federal to Broadway
35th Street – Rucker to Tulalip
Federal – 33rd Street to Mukilteo Boulevard
Smith Street – 41st to Pacific
19th Street – Walnut to Grand
16th Street – E Marine View Dr to Grand
10th Street – Rucker to Broadway
12th Street – Broadway to Walnut (Rainier-Poplar-15th St)
13th and 14th Street Broadway to Colby
Tower Street/ Broadway including College Transit Station
23rd Street – East Grand to Grand
Harrison Ave – Everett Ave to 23rd Street
Mukilteo Blvd hills:
Seaview / Sound Avenue / Upland Ave /Ocean Avenue
23rd Avenue / 27th Avenue / Narbeck Ave
Greely/ England / Dover
Madrona/ Harborview Lane / Olympic Blvd
Upper Ridge Road / Lower ridge road / 76th Street
73rd / Veralene Way – through Veralene Estates
Pecks Drive and Brookridge Blvd
47th – Evergreen Way to Fowler to 52nd St
75th Street – Beverly Lane to Beverly Blvd
Barbara Lane – Beverly Lane West + E and W Glen
Sievers Duecy Blvd
Associated Blvd / Industry Street / Shuskan Way
100th Street –Evergreen Way to Airport Rd
Intercity Avenue – Evergreen Way to Everett Mall Way
Everett Mall Transit Station
100th Street SE – 7th Avenue SE to Everett Mall Transit station
75th Street – Broadway East to Valley View/Sylvan Crest
El Capitan / Meadow Way / Burley Dr
Hilton Lake – 27th Drive / 104th PL SE / 106th Pl SE
3rd Avenue SE – 112th Street to Everett Mall Way
4th / 5th Avenues W – Casino Rd to City Limits
Lowell Road – Broadway to Colby
55th Street – Colby to Commercial
Commercial-Larimer Road to Madison
50th Street – Evergreen Way to Colby
63rd Street – Beverly Boulevard to Evergreen Way (Berkshire)
Lincoln / Biglow / Main Street (Lowell)


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