Snohomish County Council Unanimously Passes $1.5 Billion Dollar 2023 Budget

November 9, 2022

Everett Government

Today the Snohomish County Council unanimously passed the budget for 2023. County Executive Dave Somers issued the following statement:

Snohomish County functions best when we work collaboratively not only to solve the challenges in our community but also to take advantage of opportunities. This year’s budget process was no different. I applaud the Snohomish County Council, and Chair Dunn in particular, for their very thoughtful and transparent approach to budgeting.

With the approval of the 2023 budget, we will be able to do more to improve public safety and social justice. We will be able to support our economic engines, including our businesses and workers. We will be able to help some of the most vulnerable members of our community, while preserving our unparalleled quality of life. We will be able to make progress on adapting to climate change, while also ensuring we are developing wisely. We were fiscally prudent, ensuring tax payer dollars are wisely spent, and strategic about spending federal one-time dollars. We will make progress on the issues that our residents care the most about. In addition to the County Council, I also appreciate the constructive approach other county elected leaders have taken. When we work together, we make progress.

Megan Dunn, Snohomish County Council President issued the following statement about the process and what it will fund along with additional comments from Snohomish County Council members.

Today, November 9th, 2022, the Snohomish County Council passed a $1.5 billion operating budget for the upcoming 2023 fiscal year. The adopted budget passed unanimously.

“As Council Chair, it has been an honor to lead the process to pass the 2023 County Budget with unanimous support. During deliberations I prioritized transparency and open collaboration and appreciate discussions with fellow councilmembers to work towards a balanced budget that reflects our shared values and goals,” said Council Chair Megan Dunn. “Many thanks to our analysts, clerks, staff and our legal support to help move the process forward along the most efficient timeline in recent county history.”

Council Vice-Chair Jared Mead added, “I’m proud of today’s unanimously-passed budget which prioritizes public safety and investment into the justice system. Moving forward, I am excited to make the case for an even more robust investment in the early learning and childcare sectors.”

A few highlights of the 2023 adopted budget include:
• Continued funding for the body worn camera program in the Sheriff’s office
• Funding for two social workers working with the Office of Neighborhoods
• Addition of an additional District Court Judge
• Added funding for indigent defense
• Extension of the centennial trail
• Addresses septic issues through additional funding for the new Health Department
• Aids in Sheriff’s Deputy recruitment and retention
• Adds a new Fair Manager
• Launches a Wellness pilot program for Law Enforcement

• Funds Lord Hill parking improvements
• Adds investments to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in four new deputy prosecuting attorneys, one dedicated to training and two dedicate to a Complex Prosecution’s unit
• Adds a new Sheriff’s office precinct near the airport to respond to the busiest beat in Snohomish County
• Upgrades security for elections through a full remodel and space allocation
• Upgrades Council Chambers to allow for improved public participation in our hybrid environment
• Utilizes time-limited federal ARPA funds to invest in behavioral health, substance use treatment, homelessness, workforce development, childcare and broadband access to underserved areas.
Fellow councilmembers shared the following thoughts about the 2023 budget. “Public safety and transportation are two of my top priorities, so I am grateful the council is supporting increased funding for additional prosecutors as well as domestic violence coordinators in the Sheriff’s office. We are also including funding to restart our office of neighborhoods program which I believe is important,” said Councilmember Sam Low. “Overall, I believe this budget reflects the priorities and concerns of Snohomish County residents and I thank my fellow councilmembers for their partnership in passing this budget and our staff for their hard work.”

“The 2023 budget for Snohomish County continues to prioritize public safety, which is the most important responsibility of local government. The budget adopted by Council today funds pay increases for our Deputy Sheriffs, body cameras in the Sheriff’s Office, a new judge in Cascade District Court, and additional staffing in the Prosecutor’s Office. I appreciate the collaboration with my fellow Councilmembers through this budget process to get a balanced budget passed on time,” said Councilmember Nate Nehring.

“I am proud to be a part of this unanimous budget that addresses the critical issues of public safety, justice, and equity for everyone in Snohomish County. While there is always more work to do, I want to thank my fellow council members, the executive’s team, and all of the staff for welcoming me to this new role,” said Councilmember Strom Peterson.

Editor’s note: The City of Everett is still working on its budget for 2023 with hearings set for later this month.

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