After Hurdles And Challenges Everett’s 8th Retail Marijuana Store Opens Today

October 28, 2022


Hashtag Cannabis is located at 10 SE Everett Mall Way.

Jerina Pillert (r) and Logan Bowers (l) are life partners and owners of 3 Hashtag Cannabis locations.

Back in October of 2020 the Everett City Council voted to increase the number of retail marijuana stores within the city limits from five to eight. The State of Washington has authorized ten stores for Everett, but the city council has never been comfortable with that number.

In 2020 Hashtag Cannabis received a license for Everett from the State but other operators in town argued their initial location on Everett Mall Way (just south of the south Everett Police precinct) was too close to another retail store in Eastmont by 150 feet.

They went back to the drawing board and found another location at 10 SE Everett Mall Way to which other retail store owners also objected. They won that battle signing their lease for that space in December of 2021.

Today Hashtag Cannabis and Supply Co. opens at 10 SE Everett Mall Way becoming the eighth and final retail marijuana location in Everett, Washington. The store does have a medical certification.

The store is owned by CEO Jerina Pillert and her life-partner Logan Bowers. “We’re partners in all things,” she said. The two began retailing marijuana in 2015. This is their third retail marijuana store. They also have locations in Redmond and Seattle. Women comprise 75% of leadership positions in the company.

“We are passionate about cannabis,” Jerina explained. “This is the golden age of cannabis from the sheer number of products available to the quality, diversity of product and safety standards, Washington is the best place in the nation right now for legal marijuana.”

“We want to be sure we put the right product into the the right hands so we spend a lot of time with our staff on cannabis training,” said Logan Bowers. “Our goal is to have the largest selection with the most knowledgeable budtenders.”

The Everett store has 12 employees and 2800 square feet. Employees receive ongoing cannabis training, health benefits and employee discounts. For the Grand Opening weekend and extending through the month of November all products are 30 percent off. There will be a pizza truck onsite Saturday starting at 12Noon.

The store is open seven days a week from 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Knowing that a lot of customers are re-discovering marijuana use from their youth they offer guided tours and encourage questions. You can also take advantage of online ordering through their website.

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