Everett Animal Shelter Seeking Help With Food For Pups Stricken With Parvo

October 11, 2022


The Everett Animal Shelter is caring for six pups with Parvo.

A request in this afternoon from the Everett Animal Shelter.

We’re currently caring for 6 young puppies with Parvo, which is often deadly. We’re doing all we can to help these puppies fight for their life.

It’s difficult to find food that Parvo positive dogs will eat and we have good luck with Weruva brand, but it’s costly. If you’d like to send some special food to our Parvo pups, we’d appreciate the help.

Unfortunately we are seeing more and more Parvo cases, which can be prevented with vaccines.

You can donate food through our Amazon Wish List or drop it in our donation bin on our front porch:


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