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October 1, 2022


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Kevin Farlee with Kennedy at Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelter in Everett.

This week we’re taking a little different look not at a business, but a non-profit that recently relocated to Everett, Washington from Kirkland.

Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter is a 501c3 non-profit that has been operating for more than 20 years. Kevin Farlee is the President of the Board of Directors, serving in that capacity since 2006.

“We’re all volunteers and do this for the love of it,” Kevin told us. “We take care of ferrets that people can no longer care for, whatever the reason.”

Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelter is still in the process of moving into their building which was a former pet grooming salon at 6124 Evergreen Way in Everett. Between the new headquarters here in Everett and various foster homes around the Puget Sound region they are caring for about 150 ferrets.

“Once a ferret comes into our care we will make sure the ferret has a good home for the rest of its life,” Kevin said. “Either here, at an adoptive home or at one of our foster homes.”

For those looking to adopt a ferret the process can be rigorous. First there is an application to fill out online. Then an appointment is made for the potential adopter to come into the shelter and meet with a board member who takes them through what Kevin called “Ferret 101”. Those who rent have to provide a written letter from their landlord that ferrets are allowed. To learn more about the process you can click here to visit the Adoption section of their website.

While not as popular as dogs or cats as pets, interest in ferrets is growing. Ferrets are social animals and form bonds. The shelter won’t split up pairs who have bonded. Ferrets eat kibble and meat and there are commercial foods for ferrets, just like for cats and dogs.

Kevin tells us they are considered exotic and not all vets will take them so owners need to have a vet lined up before adopting. He says ferrets are illegal in Hawaii, California and New York City.

The new location is a former Pet Grooming business at 6124 Evergreen Way.

Coming up on October 15th and 16th Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelter will be having a Halloween Photo Shoot fundraiser with ferrets dressed up in costume. You can find more information on that at this link.

Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelter is looking for board members and volunteers. The Everett Shelter is only open to the public on Saturdays from 11:00AM – 3:00PM for walk-in visits. They are available at other times by appointment. The phone number is (206) 442-2025. You can visit their Facebook page here for the latest information. You can also send them email at

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