Bullets Fly At Former Starbucks Parking Lot At 118th And Evergreen Way In South Everett

September 29, 2022

Police Blotter

Editor’s Update 9/29/2022 12:30 PM: Here is the official update from Everett Police.
A little before 10 p.m. last night, Snohomish County Deputies, who were on a call in the area of the 11800 block of Evergreen Way, reported hearing multiple gunshots and seeing males fleeing the location. EPD officers responded and it was discovered the shots had been fired in the parking lot of El Taco Boom, 11802 Evergreen Way. Multiple drones were deployed to search for the suspects and a K9 team responded to assist. No suspects are in custody at this time.
Using information obtained from witnesses and surveillance cameras, it was discovered an occupied vehicle had been parked in front of the business when three males approached on foot and began shooting at the vehicle. As the vehicle was driving away, someone inside the vehicle was exchanging gunfire with the three males. The vehicle was found unoccupied a short time later and was impounded pending a search warrant.
During the exchange of gunfire, four businesses were struck to include El Taco Boom, which was open and serving twelve customers at the time of the shooting, no one was injured. Three unoccupied vehicles in the parking lot were also struck by bullets.
Area hospitals were notified, up to this time no victims have come forth.

A bullet hole can be seen in the window of the Taco Boom restaurant. Click photo to enlarge.

The back windown of this SUV was shot out.

Multiple bullet holes can be seen in the windshield of this truck.

Everett Police are investigating after multiple vehicles and a restaurant window were struck by bullets Wednesday night in south Everett, Washington.

Around 10 PM, Everett Police and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a small strip mall at 118th and Evergreen Way for a report of shots fired.

As officers arrived, they received word that several shots were fired in the parking lot.

Multiple vehicles were hit as well as the front window of the Taco Boom Restaurant located two doors down from a former Starbucks that recently closed. No one in the restaurant was hit.

A K-9 track was started from the parking lot and there were reports from witnesses there was more than one shooter.

About 3 miles away a vehicle that was believed to have been involved at the scene was found disabled and smoking with bullet holes visible. It was impounded by Everett Police.

Another K-9 unit was called to search for whoever had been in that vehicle.

Neither K-9 track was successful in locating a suspect or any victims. Drones were also used with no success.

Nearby hospitals were put on alert for possible gunshot victims who may come in but as of this writing there are no reports of people hit by the gunfire.

Everett PD’s Gang Unit, Anti-Crime Team and members of a Regional Violent Crime Reduction Unit recently formed to address violent crime between Everett and Lynnwood were all working the scene.

Again, as of this writing, no arrests and no victims. We’ll update as more information becomes available.


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