Bail Set At $100k For Suspect In Fatal Hit And Run On Broadway In Everett

September 23, 2022

Police Blotter

Broadway was closed between Gale Place and 52nd street for the investigation.

This afternoon Everett District Court Judge Anthony Howard found probable cause to hold a 32-year-old woman on $100,000.00 bond in connection with the fatal hit an run that killed 80-year-old Patricia Oman last month.

Detectives with the Everett Police Traffic Safety Unit used witnesses, video, citizen tips, forensic evidence and a lot of old fashioned shoe leather to put the case together and made an arrest.

According to probable cause paperwork presented to the court by Everett Police detectives the suspect was witnessed by another motorist striking Ms. Oman and leaving the scene in a silver Ford Escape on August 15th. Detectives collected pieces of broken headlight at the location of the incident in the 6400 block of Broadway.

Detectives scoured the area for video and recovered some from an Everett Transit bus that had been passing through the area after the crash. Stills from the video were released to the public and tips began coming into detectives about the suspect.

On September 9th the suspect was arrested for physical control of a vehicle while under the influence. She was reportedly in the driver’s seat of the suspected vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run.

Everett Police got a warrant and impounded the car. They compared pieces collected at the scene with the vehicle and a detective wrote that those pieces were found to be a perfect fit like a puzzle piece.

The witness to the original crash was able to identify the suspect out of a photo lineup. Detectives were able to place the suspect in the general Lowell area on the night and near the time of the incident. Probable cause was developed for the suspect’s arrest.

Yesterday (September 22nd) a patrol Sergeant located a stolen vehicle and recognized the driver to be the suspect from the previous fatal hit and run. She was arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail Thursday night.

Prosecutors now have three days to file formal charges or the suspect will be released from custody without having to post the $100k bond.


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