September 17, 2022

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Editor’s note: is working to introduce our readers to more independent business owners here in Everett, Washington. We want to highlight their businesses, tell their stories and invite you to shop locally and help move Everett forward. If you know of a business we should feature, send us a suggestion via email: Leland Dart – Publisher

Tommy Harrison moved to Everett from Denver and opened MYMYTOYSTORE last November.

The store has an indoor Nerf Range and also sells all kinds of Nerf products.

The store is at 1806 Hewitt Avenue in downtown Everett.

“A toy store should be a place where you can play with the toys” – so says Tommy Harrison, Chief Wonderful Toys Officer, Chief Satisfaction Officer, Founder and holder of every other position at MYMYTOYSTORE in Everett, Washington.

A transplant from Denver, Tommy opened MYMYTOYSTORE in November of last year. His passion for toys goes back to his youth where he had a childhood spent reading comic books, playing with Star Wars and G.I. Joe (kung-fu grip) action figures, watching superheroes or sci-fi on screens big and small while filling the space in between with MTV.

He also played Nerf battles with his brother and when he grew up and started a family he engaged his son in Nerf battles and role playing.

“I believe in play,” Tommy said. “Joy, fun, silliness all serve a big role in emotional regulation.”

In 2011 Tommy needed a way to pay for all of the Iron Man, Star Wars, and animal toys he was buying for his son. After spending several hundred dollars on clearance toys at a few big box retailers and listing them on eBay, he made a profit within his first month. That led to the launch of MyMyToyStore, an online toy and collectibles company that now purchases directly from manufacturers and satisfies its customers from a custom-built, in-house fulfillment center.

“When I moved to Everett last year the original plan was to find an affordable space and open a fulfillment center and build up the online business,” Tommy explained. “My business banker introduced me to Pete Sikov who owns the building at 1806 Hewitt Avenue and I liked his approach to to real estate, keeping things affordable and giving tenants an opportunity so I was able to take over an entire space and open a retail store front in addition to the fulfillment center. I’d been talking myself out of a dream for 20 years.”

Tommy says the store he has created reflects his approach to community. It’s a place where people can connect. “I want people to to feel comfortable to come in and create,” he said. “It’s a place where you are welcome to be yourself, express yourself, and enter a part of the community not only in my business but also my creative neighbors.”

He says the store reflects what’s in his mind and celebrates pop culture. He’s sold Funko Pops since 2011 and is deliberate in the other lines of toys he carries. He says the store actively supports creative expression. He offers interactive art games in the store and has been providing space in the store for weekly art classes with local artist Hyper and plans to continue that effort with other artists moving forward.

MYMYTOYSTORE hosts art exhibitions and currently has works from Everett artist Jamie Curtismith on display and available. She’s also collaborated with him on an interactive Nerf game called BULLSART where using a dedicated Nerf Blaster, customers dip darts in an ink pad and then shoot at a designated canvas to create artwork. In the past Tommy has worked as a visual artist and also a fiction writer. He has published a book of short stories and has what he calls an unpublished novel sitting in a virtual drawer.

Tommy loves to engage, listen, learn and understand. When you come into the store you should be prepared to tell him about your favorite moment from a TV show, movie or comic book and be ready to defend your choice.

You can learn more about the store and purchase products online here on the website. They also have a strong social media presence on Instagram. Of course as always we think the best way is to visit the store in person at 1806 Hewitt Avenue in downtown Everett. (how else are you going to try the Nerf course?) They’re closed Mondays but open at 11am or 12 noon into the early evening the rest of the week.


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