Everett Mall May Get Makeover And A Main Street

August 12, 2022

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Pre-Application documents show a “main street” concept.

The current layout of the Everett Mall.

Phase 2 shows less retail and more parking with a main street through the center.

A better look at phase 2

Artists concept of the exterior.

Artists concept of the “main street” layout.

Since last year Brixton Capital, owners of the Everett Mall have been working on plans to re-develop the property.

Documents filed with the City of Everett, Washington planning department reflect the project’s first two phases.

The first phase calls for a division of the former Sears building on the west side of the Mall. Two new spaces will be constructed next to Party City and there will be a delivery or service drive behind them with the remaining portion of the Sears building as one large space.

In phase 2, the front portion of the mall where the main entrance and food court currently exist would be demolished and an open concept would be created with retail on either side of a “main street” that would wind out the back of the mall area near Regal Cinemas. Much of the existing mall would also be demolished and replaced by parking.

According to the planning documents currently on file, the existing retail area of 486,563 square feet would have 215,944 square feet removed, 97,200 square feet added for a new total of 367,819 square feet or a net reduction of 118,744 square feet of retail.

The number of parking stalls would increase from the current 2295 parking stalls to 2618.

It must be noted these are preliminary documents and subject to revision or changes in both the pre-planning and permitting phases. Nothing formal or binding has been approved.

As plans shift into a higher gear for the re-development John Desco, who is in charge of leasing for Brixton has reached out to the Everett City Council for clarification on the purchase by Snohomish County of the Days Inn Hotel that sits just north of the Everett Mall.

Snohomish County has plans to convert the hotel to house and provide “bridge services” to those experiencing homelessness. Just what that will look like is still up in the air and Desco said the Mall is supportive of the bridge housing but wants to understand how that applies to the Days Inn property. He also expressed concern if that action would discourage new tenants from signing leases for the re-developed portion of Everett Mall.

City administration officials pledged to work with Brixton to clarify what will be happening with the Days Inn property.

Here’s a link to the Phase 2 documents on file with the City of Everett.

Click to see the Everett Mall Redevelopment Flyer from Mattis Partners.

Here’s a link to the Everett Mall Redevelopment Flyer posted online by Mattis Partners with images and information for potential tenants of the new space.


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