Monday Morning Mural Wrap Up Of “Going All City NW 2022” In Everett Washington

August 8, 2022

Artwork in Everett

A shout out to Hyper, Brianna, the GAK crew and GRAFFAHOLEKS for bringing this to Everett. (mural at Everett and Rucker)

Kids aged 7 – 14 did this “GO PAINT DAY” mural. Click photo for story

From the Publisher: Here’s a short wrap of of the activity over the weekend as 150 Graffiti Artist from around the country and beyond came to Everett, Washington to paint 30 murals plus teach their craft to dozens of youth.(Big shout out to DES who was the official Artist Wrangler keeping everyone on track and getting them to the event)

For a complete wrap up, follow this Instagram account of Hyper the main driver of the event who has worked on this with his GAK crew for the past year. He’ll also be teaching graffiti art to kids and the community and will post information on classes at that account.

Also check out the hashtag #GACNW2022 on social media. If you look closely at many of the murals, the artists have added their Instagram tags so you can learn more about them and their art.

The city of Everett, Washington is working on getting a portion of the city certified with the State of Washington as a Creative District. Events like “Going All City Northwest” will help that process. You can click here to learn more about Creative Districts and take a survey about what you’d like to see.

Artists that participated this weekend left Everett with more than $1.5 million dollars of artwork. They also spent thousands of their own dollars travelling here from Texas, Arizona, California, Mexico and other places.

Staying in our hotels, eating at restaurants and showing their families the city. Here are a few of the finished murals and their locations but there are many more works I was unable to capture. Again follow Hyper’s Instagram or click here for an interactive map. Be sure to look around the locations noted as there may be additional small artworks nearby on staircases, porches and way up on buildings.

I had a chance to visit with many of the artists and their families who travelled here to share their talents. They were friendly, engaging and passionate about their work. They brought a massive amount of creativity and positive energy to Everett.

Speaking of creativity and positive energy, I’m working on a story of a family who has purchased a historic building in downtown Everett and is working to restore it to its former glory. As they told me, “Bring the building once called the diamond of Everett back as the diamond of Everett.” More to come on that soon.

For now here is the last set of photos in a series we’ve been sharing all week. Click on a photo to enlarge photo and enjoy. Leland Dart – Publisher.

Located at 4800 block Evergreen Way

Located at Everett Library Parking Garage 2700 Rucker

Located behind Schack Art Center 2900 Hoyt

Located at Brews Almighty 3011 Grand

Located behind Mobil 1900 Broadway

Located in alley 2900 McDougall

Located 2700 Lombard

Located behind Apex 1611 Everett Ave

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