On Saturday Speed Limits Will Drop On Evergreen Way And Everett Mall Way

July 27, 2022

Everett Government

The final approvals are in and speed limits on two major roadways in south Everett will be lowered. Here are the details from the city.

Areas where speeds will be lowered in south Everett starting Saturday. Click to enlarge.

 The City of Everett will lower speed limits on two of its busiest arterials, Evergreen Way and Everett Mall Way, starting Saturday, July 30.

The existing speed limits are being updated to accommodate increased development and pedestrian traffic on Evergreen Way and Everett Mall Way.

New signs will be installed and clearly marked with orange diamonds to warn drivers of the speed limit change.

  • Evergreen Way (from Airport Road to Everett Mall Way/Olivia Park Road): 50 mph to 40 mph
  • Everett Mall Way (from Evergreen Way to 7th Avenue SE): 40 mph to 35 mph

Evergreen Way from Airport Road to Everett Mall Way has the highest injury crash rate and the highest pedestrian injury crash rate of any arterial segment in the city of Everett. Also part of State Highway 99, Evergreen Way currently has a 45-mph speed limit before entering Everett city limits, increases to 50 mph inside city limits and drops to 35 mph north of Everett Mall Way.

“Discussion of the speed limit on Evergreen Way has been ongoing for years and the community let us know they felt 50 mph was too high for this segment of roadway,” said Corey Hert, Everett traffic engineer. “We believe the reduced speeds are appropriate based on our investigation and it will also benefit businesses along the corridor.”

City staff continuously monitor speed limit effectiveness throughout the city. Modifying speed limits requires an engineering and traffic investigation, considering operating speed, pedestrian volumes, roadside development, parking practices, collision rates and traffic volume trends. The City coordinated with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), since this is a state route.

Improving safety on Evergreen Way

Over the past 10 years, Everett has prioritized improving safety along Evergreen Way with improved lighting, pedestrian improvements at the intersection of Airport Road and Evergreen Way, a new section of sidewalk and a radar speed feedback sign near Center Road.

Concerns about traffic in the city of Everett can be reported at everettwa.gov/trafficreport.

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