Meet The Owner – Tyler’s Donut House

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Meet the Owner of Tyler’s Donut House

Tyler Meas works seven days a week.

Open since 2006, the store is at 11108 Evergreen Way in Everett.

Pretty sage advice…

When you’re open twelve hours a day, you work sixteen hours a day. That’s the routine for Tyler Meas who does that Monday – Saturday. On Sundays he only works fourteen and a half hours.

“I have to be here every day by 1:00 AM or I’m late,” Tyler said.

Image that schedule seven days a week since 2006. Sixteen years as a one-person operation.

Tyler is quick with a smile and always seems to be in motion. Friendly, funny and one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. He’s married with two children at home.

“I learned the business from my brother-in-law,” said Tyler. “I started cleaning his donut shop and worked my way up from there.”

People who suggested I interview Tyler raved about the quality of his donuts so I asked him if they are hard to make?

“Making them is not hard but they are tricky,” he told me. “Weather, temperature and timing are all very important.”

I wondered about the weather…”When it is warm out like the last several days they rise real fast but when its cold outside they take their time rising,” Tyler explained.

He doesn’t advertise but gets customers through word of mouth. “Friends tell their friends and that’s the best way,” he said. Looks like it is working for him as there was a steady stream of folks coming and going as we talked this week.

I asked him if he had a personal favorite donut and he told me the cinnamon roll is his top choice.

Tyler’s Donut House is located in a strip mall at 11108 Evergreen Way just north of 112th street. He’s open Monday – Saturday from 4:30 AM – 4:30 PM and 4:30 AM – 3:00 PM on Sunday.

The phone number is (425) 347-8305 and you can learn more on their Facebook page. Of course as always the best idea is to stop by in person, meet Tyler and enjoy a delicious donut or two or three or maybe a dozen.


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