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April 9, 2022

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Odyssey-2 Owner Ross Angeledes is an expert on coins and has an extensive worldwide network to locate hard to find collectibles.

The store is located at 5815 Evergreen Way. Click photo to check out their website.

“We are an eclectic, interesting place for someone to walk into.” Those are the words of Ross Angeledes who once was a frequent customer and has now owned the store for two years and a month.

Located in central Everett at 5815 Evergreen Way Odyssey Coins and Collectibles, now known as Odyssey-2 has been in business for fifty-one years.

“We’re a place where you can find tangible pieces of your history or the roots of your family,” said Mr. Angeledes. “It’s fun to find things and discover the stories behind things.”

They have coins from around the world along with antiques, war and military souvenirs, and gold and silver. Ross said his grandfather started him on collecting coins as he was growing up in the 1960s and that grew into not only an appreciation for coins but also a passion for history.

It’s very much a family business as in addition to his staff members (who he describes as walking encyclopedias on military history) both of his sons help out in the store and his plan is for them to take it over when he’s ready to retire.

These hand-crafter wooden guitars are made by 88-year-old Ray Angeledes.

His 88-year-old father Ray Angeledes also can be found helping out and brings in wooden guitars that he has hand-crafted and offers for sale.

When you step into the store there is an amazing collection of history that surrounds you. From coins and mint sets to the materials to hold and display your treasures. There are military surplus, rare medals and also firearms and ammunition. They buy and sell gold and silver and can suggest historical gifts such as mint sets from the birth year of each of your children, coins from your family’s country of origin and military awards to replace those that may have been lost over time for a family member who served their country.

“A lot of this is not as much of a business as it is a passion to help families discover their history in a way they can touch,” explained Mr. Angeledes. “Providing something that they can hold, keep and pass down to the next generation.”

The store is open Monday – Saturday. You can reach them at (425) 347-5893, they have an Ebay Store odyssey-2 and here’s a link to their website.


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