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April 2, 2022

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Owner Daniel Deconinck (r) Manager Malia (l) and Josh in the kitchen behind, make up the Bao Boss team.

Bao Boss is at 2814 Hewitt.

Josh wraps up a mushroom burger.

Now that is a fish sandwich!

What began as Noodle Nation at 2814 Hewitt in Everett, Washington is now Bao Boss which is working out very nicely because owner Daniel Deconinck loves sandwiches.

“Food isn’t limited by a continent or a country,” explained Deconinck. “Part of our duty as restaurant owners is to show and educate the consumer on the options and possibilities.”

In the Northwest from Florida since 1998 Daniel has extensive food service experience. He’s Korean and many of his menu ingredients are Korean inspired but his time in Florida led to a large dose of Latin influence as well.

Noodle Nation opened in December 2019 and three months later the Pandemic turned it into a rough start. Noodle Nation served dishes with global fusion combining ingredients with an international flair but like many restaurants the Pandemic was a real challenge with both restrictions on opening as well as issues trying to find employees willing to work.

One thing Deconinck tried during that time was a Bao Boss “Pop-Up” serving sandwiches that offered fusion on a smaller scale. There were also more traditional choices of ingredients for “Smash Burgers” for those less adventurous. That pop-up has now transformed the shop into into Bao Boss.

“Bao Boss allows us to reach a bigger audience and take advantage of the acceptability of sandwiches,” Deconinck said. “We do truly inventive sandwiches and wraps you won’t find anywhere else like the Starboard Bao, our take on a filet of fish that puts the fast food chains to shame.”

There are also specials such as the Fried Bologna sandwich on a brioche bun with hot sauce mustard, cabbage, onion and sweet pickles. On St. Patrick’s Day they did a corned beef and tots burrito. A favorite from the Noodle Nation menu, the “Loco Moco” is now a burger.

85% of everything they serve is all made in-house. They make their own Bao, which is essentially a steamed bun. How about a lox and bao? A steamed everything bagel bao, smoked salmon cream cheese spread, onion, roasted tomato, capers, lox.

“I have a saying I tell my daughter all the time,” said Daniel. “Always try something before you say you hate it!”

You can find out more about Bao Boss on their Facebook Page or their Instagram. They open daily at 11 AM. To order ahead call (425) 512-9793.

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