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Much as his grandmother did, you’ll often find Jackson Quall behind the counter meeting and greeting customers.

Jackson and his mother Victoria.

Jackson’s dad, Scott Aho took all of the photos on the walls.

Two years before he was born Jackson Quall’s grandmother opened The Sisters Restaurant. That was in 1983. It became a place he’d spend a lot of time. He got his first job there at 13 years old bussing tables and doing dishes.

Over time he worked elsewhere in the food service industry in various capacities before moving into the music and entertainment fields as a disc jockey and eventually owner of Jackson.Radio, a company that curates music for commercial spaces.

As the music business was building up, the Pandemic hit and for a time no one was going to public spaces. At that same moment, his grandmother concluded this would be a good time to retire and began taking steps to shut the restaurant down.

“When my mom told me the news I crunched the numbers and decided I wanted to keep it open,” Quall said. “My partner Archie is a god send and the Pandemic made space to put energy, money and time into this restaurant.”

The Sisters Restaurant reopened in the summer of 2021 in the same space next to the Sno-Isle Food Co-op in the Everett Public Market Building at 2804 Grand. It got a facelift and the interior is filled with photos of family members all of which were taken by Jackson’s father, Scott Aho. The tubas on the interior beams were an early decision and a nod to Quall’s musical prowess.

The restaurant has a staff of 12 and is still very much a family affair including mom Victoria and his partner Archie, who is the kitchen manager. Aunt Gretchen cooks along with mom and Aunt Kathy bakes and is in charge of making the soups. In fact, The Sisters Restaurant is known for their soups along with a rotating quiche selection and a Reuben customers swear by.

While traditionally The Sisters Restaurant catered to a downtown Everett business crowd with an emphasis on Monday – Friday breakfast and lunch, Jackson is expanding their hours as demand increases and the neighborhood begins to come to life.

“I’ve only known operating in a Pandemic so we’re proceeding cautiously,” said Jackson. “We’re opening on the weekends from 9 – 3 and weeknights are open until 7 PM.”

They’re also doing Poetry every Thursday night from 5 – 7 PM and have applied for a liquor license to offer mimosas with brunch and wine in the evenings as they work to adapt with the neighborhood.

There are plans for community art to go up on the walls and as more people head back to indoor spaces Radio.Jackson is on the rise and Quall has big plans to bring that to restaurants and cafes across the Northwest and beyond. His first location, The Sisters Restaurant. Again the address: 2804 Grand Avenue Everett, WA 98201 and phone (425) 252-0480.

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