Sound Transit Looking For Level 1 Feedback From Everett On Light Rail Locations

March 14, 2022

Everett Economy

Alternatives development has three general phases: Screening, Level 1 analysis, and Level 2 analysis. Through these phases we evaluate potential alternatives at progressively greater levels of detail and ask for feedback at each level. The arrow shows where we are in the process, and the orange circles above show when we ask for public input. | Click to enlarge.

People in Everett, Washington are being invited to provide feedback to Sound Transit for the first level of refining and evaluating alternatives for both the location of stations and a new operations and maintenance facility.

Sound Transit says all of their previous alternatives are still on the table and they have provided more information for those who took a look during the early scoping period. From their outreach.

At this time, we are seeking your feedback on Level 1 alternatives. In Spring 2022, the Elected Leadership Group will consider what they have heard from community members and form their recommendations on which Level 1 alternatives warrant further study in Level 2.

If you commented during early scoping, these alternatives will look familiar to you. We have not eliminated any options since December 2021, but have done more analysis to understand the trade-offs for each alternative and summarized what we heard during early scoping.

We are asking you to look at what we have found and let us know which alternatives would best serve your community and why, what your priorities are, or what might be missing from our analysis. As members of the public, your feedback plays an important role in identifying which alternatives work best for future light rail in your community and should be considered for further study.

Click here to look at the various options, maps and to provide your feedback and input. This public engagement period is set to run through April 3rd.

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