Everett Police Say Thieves Now Drilling Holes In Gas Tanks Instead Of Siphoning

March 8, 2022

Police Blotter

Photo credit: Everett Police

A new caution out from police in Everett, Washington who say instead of using a rubber hose to siphon gas, thieves are now drilling holes in gas tanks and draining them that way.

With the sharp and fast rise of price at the gas pumps we are seeing an increase in gas theft. While some thieves use rubber hoses to siphon fuel out, we are seeing modern day thieves use power tools to drill a hole in the gas tank and steal fuel.

The cost of damage to the gas tank far exceeds that of the gasoline and we recommend that you park your vehicle in a garage or well-lit and high traveled area to help deter would-be thieves. If you see or hear and suspicious activity near your vehicle, call 911 right away.

If you are a victim of gas theft, it can be unsafe to drive with a damaged gas tank. Call 911 to report the damage to your vehicle and the theft of gasoline.

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