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March 5, 2022

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Owner Jennifer Cross (r) and Manager Taylor McMaster (l) at The Dog Spot

The Dog Spot is located at 3512 Smith Avenue in Everett, Washington. Click to visit their website.

Twenty years ago, Jennifer Cross had a dog walking business, a “difficult dog” and a desire to train dogs. She became a certified dog trainer and after a few years saw there was an opportunity for a dog training facility in Snohomish County.

After doing some research she felt Everett was the right community and a little over 12 and a half years ago found a location at 3512 Smith Avenue.

“The rent was right; the space was right, and it offered the chance to expand slowly,” said Cross. “As other tenants grew or closed their businesses in the space and moved on, we were able to expand and now have the whole building.”

The Dog Spot is a daycare, boarding and training facility for all types of K-9s. Doggie Daycare is the largest part of their business, but training also plays an important role with Puppy Preschool their most popular program. It’s designed for puppies between 10 weeks and 7 months of age, provides a combination of exercise, socialization and training.

The Pandemic proved to be a challenge and an opportunity for Jennifer and The Dog Spot. After initially closing for six weeks, they were deemed essential and slowly re-opened. As people began working out of their homes many found that trying to work with a dog around wanting attention was difficult. Doggie Daycare bookings went back up.

At times the location in the 3500 block of Smith Street has been a challenge. In 2014 Everett formed the Community Streets initiative to work on addressing issues of homelessness, mental health and drug addiction. Occasionally tents were lined up along the sidewalk across from The Dog Spot and employees who took mass transit shared concerns about walking past those encampments in the dark on their way to work.

Cross says while she never felt unsafe as the neighborhood ebbed and flowed there was a perception at times the area was unsafe. Some customers were reluctant to come into the community.

This summer the City of Everett in partnership with the Everett Gospel Mission opened a pallet shelter project with 20 units of low-barrier housing and began enforcing a no sit-no lie ordinance in the neighborhood. Cross tells the change has been like night and day. “It’s Wonderful,” she said.

If you’d like to learn more about The Dog Spot and the various programs they offer, check out their website here. If you’d prefer to call, their phone number is (425) 252-7768.

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