Sprinklers Stop Fire At Hopeworks Station Apartments

January 25, 2022

Everett Fire


Sprinklers kept damage to a minimum in a previous fire back in January of 2021.

A fire in a fourth-floor room at Hopeworks Station Apartments in the 3300 block of Broadway in Everett was quickly extinguished by the building’s sprinkler system.

The fire alarm began sounding just before 3:30 AM. Arriving Everett Fire crews found the sprinkler system activated and located the fourth-floor unit where the fire had been extinguished.

Everett Police blocked off Broadway between 33rd and 34th while Firefighters shut off the sprinklers and worked to contain water damage. There were no reports of injuries.

A fire investigator has been called to the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

It was the second time in four hours that a sprinkler system limited the damage to a single unit in an apartment fire in Everett, Washington.


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