2022 Everett City Council Districting Commission Nominations Tonight

January 19, 2022

Everett Government

The five Districts as they currently exist.

The 2020 Census results have been delivered and per the Everett City Charter those numbers will be used to determine the makeup of City Council Districts in Everett, Washington for the next ten years.

A new city Districting Commission is being created to conduct the work of forming the district boundaries.

Tonight, the Mayor and Council members will be asked to submit one name each as their nominee for the Districting Commission.

Once the names are submitted, City of Everett staff will map the nominations to ensure the nominees meet the required geographic diversity.

On Jan 26th staff will bring back the vetted names for council action to appoint individuals to the Districting Commission.

Here are the names under consideration from each of the five Everett City Council Districts.

Daniel Murphy
Hillary Dawson
Ryan Webber
Scott Bader
Shelley Whitkop
Simone Tarver
Susan Neely

Alessandra Durham
Brenda Bolanos-Ivory
Dan McGivern
David Lotz
Eric Ringstad
Jacob E. Parks
Jadid Herrera
Jocelyn Sievers-Bailey
Leah Airt-Atkinson
Tamar Caldwell


Ben Doko
Dale Larson Ill
Paola Herrera
Nathan Shelby

Ana Benitez
Angela Pioli

Jared Norman Seitz
Kelly Fox
Michael Hall

You can learn more about districting and follow the process here on the city’s website.

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