Congressman Larsen Visits Everett Bridges – Touts Infrastructure Funding

January 14, 2022

Everett Government

Weight limits have been imposed on the Merrill and Ring Creek bridge on Mukilteo Boulevard.

The Edgewater Bridge between Everett and Mukilteo is set for replacement this year.

Congressman Larsen and Everett City Engineer Tom Hood check out the Edgewater Bridge.

This is Washington State’s allotment. Click to see more detail.

Today Congressman Rick Larsen visited the Merrill & Ring Creek Bridge and the Edgewater Bridge on Mukilteo Boulevard in Everett, Washington as he announced funding to repair hundreds of bridges across Washington State.

The Bridge Formula Program, the largest such program in U.S. history was announced today by the Federal Highway Administration.

It is designed to give states, Tribes, counties and local governments the ability to repair smaller, local bridges that are critical for getting to school and work, moving commerce, and connecting communities.

Washington State will receive $121 million dollars in 2022 and more than 600 million dollars over five years. Today Larsen said nearly 400 bridges in Washington state are structurally deficient, and the state has identified more than 6,500 bridges in need of repair.

“There are a lot of small bridges throughout the five counties in my district that people don’t think about until there is a problem,” said Larsen. “These funds will help us address those bridges before problems arise.”

The Edgewater Bridge at the city line between Everett and Mukilteo is scheduled to undergo a one-year replacement with construction starting this spring. Here is a link to that project.

The Merrill and Ring Bridge has yet to receive any monies to cover its replacement and City of Everett officials hope to tap into the FHA’s Bridge Formula Program to cover a majority of the replacement cost.

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