How To Report Potholes Needing Repair In Everett

January 10, 2022


Potholes have been popping up all over Everett.

With the extreme temperature swings, snow and ice over the last couple of weeks, streets in Everett, Washington took quite a beating with some major potholes developing. We asked Everett Public Works Public Information and Education Officer Kathleen Baxter for what folks in Everett can do to report potholes and how to file a claim if a vehicle was damaged by a pothole. Here’s her email response with contact information.

City crews are addressing many potholes that developed following the last snow event, and we appreciate getting help from the community to locate any others that they encounter. Please encourage folks to call the City’s 24/7 Dispatch number (425-257-8821) or fill out an online service request, at, to report a pothole, and we’ll get out there as soon as we can.

Potholes after the snow are our top priority. We had problems last week with the asphalt plants being closed and had to fill what we could with cold mix. Of the potholes we know about, that the City of Everett is responsible to maintain, we should have most or all of them done by tomorrow.

If someone believes the City is at fault for an incident or accident resulting in loss, injury or damages, they can file a claim requesting payment. Information about this process and a claim form is available online, or they may contact the City Clerk’s office at 425-257-8610. The form must be mailed or delivered to the City Clerk’s office. We cannot accept electronic submissions.

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