Sunday A Snow Day In Everett, Washington

December 26, 2021


7:00 PM Update: Cold tonight with most of the plowed roads in Everett passable with compact snow and ice. Still, lots of side roadways have yet to be plowed. As snowplows work on arterials there is a that edge of ice and snow that can make it hard to get out of the driveway and onto the road so be aware.
Some closure information for Monday.

  • Rubatino has suspended all residential pickups due to snow and ice
  • Everett Community College has suspended operations for Monday and the campus is closed
  • Only essential personnel will be reporting to the base at Naval Station Everett
  • Snohomish Health has cancelled all drive up COVID-19 testing sites for Monday
  • Photo from Sunday afternoon courtesy FlyPaineField.

    3:00 PM Update: The good news is the snowfall has tapered off for the most part in Everett, Washington. The bad news, it is 24 degrees outside so what has fallen is not going to simply melt like we have been used to with most past snow events. Everett Police are still dealing with multiple crashes and anyplace that has an incline is still a challenge for many folks. The traffic has packed the snow into a layer of ice and stopping is a challenge. Lots of reports of blocking vehicles on arterials and side streets alike. Folks are still encouraged to stay home unless the trip just can’t be avoided.
    Propeller Airports is reporting flight delays with Alaska Airlines flights at Paine Field in Everett. Starting to see some cancellations for tomorrow at Everett Community College and Naval Station Everett will only be open Monday for essential personnel. We’ll keep our eye out for more notices and pass them along in an evening update.

    This bus is having issues southbound on Broadway just before Hewitt.

    12:00 Noon Update: The snow continues to fall around Everett and traffic conditions are getting worse. We checked in with Everett Public Works. Kathleen Baxter tells us the following via email.

    No reports of major issues. Crews are out plowing routes according to the ice and snow control plan. We would like to ask people to stay off the roads if they can and avoid hills for now as crews work to get around the entire city. Cars compacting the snow and being on the road reduces the effectiveness of snow plowing and sanding efforts. More helpful tips can be found on
    In the seven hours we have been monitoring conditions today three different Everett Police SUVs have been hit while out at traffic accidents. None of the incidents were major and none involved injuries or put the patrol vehicles out of commission, but you really don’t want to be the person rolling into a police car (or any other object for that matter), so really examine if that trip is an absolute emergency for you to take as crashes, spin outs and traffic issues are really out of control right now. Wind gusts are also causing issues both with drifting snow and wind chills into the teens.

    The camera at 41st and Rucker.

    9:00 AM Update: Snow has continued to fall throughout the morning in Everett, Washington and travel continues to be a challenge on roads all over town. Any roadway with a hill is a potential issue and elevated roadways such as the overpass on 41st street over I-5 have proven to be a big challenge with a dozen cars spun out at one point.

    You can check out the City of Everett traffic camera network here to see what conditions are like in areas of the city where you may be travelling. Not all cameras are updated but it may be worth the look. For a large image click on the links on the left side of the page.

    Yes it is your responsibility to make sure that the sidewalk in front of your place is cleared of snow. Here are some important numbers and reminders we passed along a couple of days ago but here they are again.
    To keep 911 lines free for emergencies, please use these numbers:
    To report an emergency: dial 911
    To contact police or fire for a non-emergency: 425-407-3999
    To report a power outage to Snohomish PUD: 425-783-1001
    To report a road condition in Everett city limits: call the 24-hour Dispatch hotline at 425-257-8821
    Other numbers:
    Parks inclement weather hotline: 425-257-8399
    For Everett Transit routes, contact the Transit customer service phone line: 425-257-7777

    Click for the map of streets that plowed first.

    Here from last year are some great tips and important information to help folks in Everett prepare for snow and ice.

    How to prepare

    When the snow hits or ground temperatures freeze

    • Be a good neighbor and clear your sidewalk if you can. By City code, property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing adjacent sidewalks of snow and ice. Pile up cleared snow where it doesn’t impede travel.
    • View a map of Everett priority snow and ice removal routes to see what streets (within City limits) get plowed and treated by City staff.  Sometimes street plowing causes “snow walls” on sidewalks and driveways that you may need to clear.
    • View Everett’s traffic cameras to look at road conditions at 40 locations across the city.
    • Visit for City inclement weather updates and additional resources.
    • Call Public Works dispatch at 425-257-8821 to report trouble areas on the roads.
    • Increase the distance between you and other cars on the roadway and allow for more time to brake and make turns.
    • Wet snow is very heavy. Be cautious of falling trees and branches and heavy, wet snow accumulations on roofs.
    • As the weather warms back up, clear blocked storm drains of snow and ice to help manage surface water and prevent flooding.

    A look at central Everett at 6:30 AM.

    6:30 AM Update: Started snowing lightly in Everett, Washington early Sunday morning. Thus far about two and a half to three inches of pretty fine dry powdery snow. It has caused some issues on roadways as it gets packed down. Especially on the Boeing freeway near 526 and on Airport Road. Paine Field is advising to check with Alaska Air before heading to the airport to find out about potential delays or cancellations.

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