Snohomish County Council Passes Sales Tax Increase For Housing And Mental Health

December 15, 2021

Everett Government

In a 3-2 vote the Snohomish County Council passed an ordinance that will add one tenth of one percent to the sales tax to fund additional housing and mental health programs in Snohomish County. Prior to the vote there was a three-hour period of public testimony with some pretty passionate opinions from people both for and against the proposal. The vote went along party lines with Councilmembers Nehring and Low voting no and Dunn, Mead and Wright voting yes. There were several amendments proposed with only one of them finding favor. That was amendment five which dealt with the final plan creation and approval of how the funds will be spent:
The executive’s office shall coordinate with council, cities and community partners on the creation of a final business expenditure plan. Prior to the expenditure of any receipts of the sales and use tax, the plan must be presented to council for consideration of approval by motion.
That amendment passed unanimously.

Here is a link to the full ordinance and all of the amendments and supporting materials.

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