Everett Leaders Respond To Sound Transit Inquiry On Light Rail Alignment Alternatives

December 5, 2021


Currently the project is at Level 1.

This week the City of Everett is letting Sound Transit know what its most important concerns are for the extension of light rail from Lynnwood to downtown Everett. The City has outlined goals and priorities for the project as the Early Scoping process gets underway. The process starting now is expected to last into early 2023.

Last month Sound Transit published an Early Scoping Information Report listing multiple options and alternatives. Here is a downloadable PDF that includes maps of several alignment options being considered.
The public is invited to review that material and make comment in one of several ways by December 10th. Written early scoping comments can be mailed or emailed to the addresses below. Comments can also be provided via the online comment form available at everettlink.participate.online or left as a voicemail at the phone number below.

  • Mailing Address:
    Sound Transit – Kathy Fendt, East and North Corridor Environmental Manager
    401 S. Jackson Street Seattle, WA 98104
  • Email Address: everettlinkcomments@soundtransit.org
  • Voicemail Phone Number: 888-512-8599
    This week the Everett City Council will be asked to approve a letter explaining the City’s major areas of concern regarding Alignment and location of stations and how the area around those stations is ultimately developed. Here is a PDF of the draft of the letter being considered Wednesday night and to be signed by the Mayor and President of the Everett City Council.
    Everett City Light Rail Scoping Letter Dec. 2021
    OVERARCHING GOALS AND PRIORITIES as outlined in the DRAFT letter being prepared by City of Everett
  • Open all four stations within Everett by 2037
  • Consider and study provisional station alternatives
  • Support for the SW Everett Manufacturing and Industrial Center as a key purpose of the project
  • Design the project to maximize station area development potential
  • Design the project to provide easy transfers to local transit; extend the Link Blue Line to Airport Road
  • Frequent service should be part of the project purpose
  • Incorporate nonmotorized connections to stations
  • Support for initial alternatives

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    You can track the entire Everett Link Extension project here.

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