Snohomish PUD Launching Search For New Mascot

November 26, 2021


Bigfoot? Squirrel? Transformer?

The Snohomish PUD has decided to “get back into the mascot game” and is looking for public input on which of three concepts to develop into a mascot for the utility.

The PUD’s new mascot will be used at community events like parades, festivals and fairs and in electrical safety and conservation educational programming.

PUD staff provided the following outlines for the three concepts. (Sorry, they did not provide a visual)

  • Bigfoot: Though traditionally known for being an elusive mountain inhabitant, Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) seems to be popping up everywhere nowadays. Bigfoot is a friend of the forest and possesses the strength and agility of a line worker— making this creature an interesting potential choice for mascot.
  • Squirrel: It’s common knowledge that squirrels and electrical equipment don’t mix. However, it’s for this very reason that a squirrel could be the perfect ambassador for electrical safety. Adored by children, and commonly found across our service territory, the squirrel might just be the furry friend we need for our PUD mascot.
  • Transformer: Though this transformer can’t transform into a different creature, it does transform your energy into a voltage that is usable in your home and business. When brought to life, the inanimate transformer could help educate children about our electrical grid and the importance of staying safe around powerlines.
    You can go here to vote for your favorite concept. You have until the 31st of December to register your choice.

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