After 13 Years, Traffic Cameras May Be Coming To Everett

November 16, 2021

Everett Government

This is a list of several possible locations presented to the City Council in 2020.

9 cameras would cover these 6 locations.

Here is the estimated annual equipment cost. There would be another 500k in staff cost annually.

The Everett City Council is again looking at Red-Light cameras and will receive a briefing Wednesday night from the City’s Traffic Engineer.

The City of Everett first seriously considered red light cameras back in 2008. At that time the City Council passed an ordinance authorizing the use of cameras to monitor several different intersections around the City.

Plans didn’t move much farther along until the City Council Public Safety Committee re-visited the issue in 2019. At that time locations were identified for red-light cameras and also a school zone camera.

The City has always maintained it was about traffic safety and not revenue but does say they expect it to be revenue neutral or possibly generate revenue for traffic safety projects.

The yearly equipment cost for the program is currently estimated at $663,000.00 with an additional $504,000.00 in annual employee costs.

In 2009 7 potential camera locations were identified. That number increased to 10 for a briefing for the City Council public safety committee in 2020.

The City Traffic Engineer is asking for permission to issue a request for proposals for an Automated Traffic Safety System. If that is granted a separate action would be brought forward to move ahead with cameras in 2022.

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