Everett Council District 4 Still Close – Mayor, Four Others Appear Set

November 3, 2021

Everett Government

This was a historic election in Everett, Washington as for the first time voters chose City Council members in five districts across the city. Two of the seven council seats are at-large and cover the entire city. Brenda Stonecipher and Judy Tuohy hold those positions which will come before voters in 2023. As for the other five here are the results after a second wave of ballot returns were released Wednesday afternoon by the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office.
Mayor of Everett 60,093 registered voters, turnout 21.77%
Cassie Franklin 9216 votes (72.60%)
Steve Oss 3370 votes (26.55%)
City Council District 1 12,395 registered voters, turnout 23.23%
Mary Fosse 1606 votes (58.61%)
Paul Roberts 1113 votes (40.62%)
City Council District 2 13,484 registered voters, turnout 21.84%
Paula Rhyne 1460 votes (51.81%)
Greg Lineberry 1339 votes (47.52%)
City Council District 3 12,715 registered voters, turnout 25.44%
Don Schwab 2335 votes (76.91%)
Lacey Sauvageau 687 votes (22.63%)
City Council District 4 9489 registered voters, turnout 16.62%
Liz Vogeli 784 votes (51.21%
Tommie Rubatino 741 votes (48.40%)
City Council District 5 12,020 registered voters, turnout 20.36%
Ben Zarlingo 1405 votes (60.48%)
Demi Chatters 902 votes (38.83%)
Port of Everett Commissioner District 1 62,073 registered voters, turnout 24.90%
David Simpson 7990 votes (57.33%)
Scott Murphy 5883 votes (42.21%)

The Municipal Court Judges were unopposed and both Everett School District Board incumbents had comfortable leads of over 20% in their races. The next ballot update is expected Thursday around 5 PM.


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